Nitrile Rubber Insulation - ArmaFlex® Class 0

ArmaFlex Class O is a highly flexible, closed-cell Nitrile rubber Insulation material with high water vapor diffusion resistance and low thermal conductivity. It prevents condensation, reduces energy losses and protects against frost on pipes, air ducts, and vessels. ArmaFlex Class 0 rated as per BS 476 Part 6 is suitable for hot and cold water services, chilled water lines, heating systems, air conditioning ductwork, refrigerated pipework, process, and industrial pipework and equipment.

ArmaFlex Class O is EPD and FM Approved product offering form Armacell India Pvt. Ltd. ArmaFlex Class O has excellent technical parameters like low thermal conductivity [λ0°C ≤ 0.035 W/(m∙K)] and high water vapor diffusion resistance (µ ≥ 7,000). ArmaFlex Class O gives increased long term thermal efficiency due to its closed cell structure which as long-term protection against condensation

ArmaFlex Class O is available in sheets and tubes.

Key features

  • Excellent fire performance – FM Approved for the entire range of insulation thickness. The insulation material is certified to conform to the safety, reliability, and performance standards of various local fire safety bodies.
  • Closed-cell structure – Minimises moisture permeation to ensure long-term protection against corrosion under insulation (CUI). Removes the need for an additional water vapour barrier. 
  • Energy efficient – Low thermal conductivity minimises energy losses to give long term energy savings. 
  • No additional materials required – No Vapour Barrier required at the time of installation of ArmaFlex Class 0
  • Best-in-class insualtion – ArmaFlex Class 0 has Low Thermal Conductivity, λ0°C ≤ 0.035 W/(m·K) with High Water Vapour Diffusion Resistance, µ ≥ 7,000
  • Easy-to-install – Highly flexible elastomeric foam that can be installed quickly on irregular shapes and installations in tight spaces.

Class 0 ArmaFlex® SS

Highly flexible, closed-cell insulation material with high water vapor diffusion resistance and low thermal conductivity with Self Seal tubes for quality and Quick Installation

  • Fast & Efficient installation due to self – seal nature
  • FM Approved`
  • Saves time and cost of installation by up to 70%
  • Adhesive usage reduction by up to 70%

Further Information