Ceramic Fibre Blankets


Ceramic Fibre Blankets

Ceramic Fibre Blankets
Ceramic Fibre Blankets is a refractory fibre needled mat made without binder from Ceramic Fibres the only super-spun double needled fibre in the country today. Ceramic Fibres RTZ and HTZ Blankets are zirconoca stabilized and are suitable or use upto 1260°c and 1425°c respectively..

Both blankets have excellent resistance to most chemicals. If wet by oil or water, thermal and physical properties are fully restored upon drying.

Out Standing Advantage

  • Excellent Thermal Stability.
  • Low Shrinkage at elevated temperature – due to their excellent Thermal Stability.
  • Low Heat Storage Both blanket store approximately 95% less heat than dense firebrick and approximately 75% less heat than insulating firebrick a property of significant importance in the operation of periodic kilns / furnaces.
  • Good Cold strength.
  • Excellent Hot strength.
  • Thermal stock Resistance due to the flexible matrix of Supercera, extreme temperature change do not alter its ability to physically stay in place and perform at higher levels.
  • The products are not wetted by molten non-ferrous metals. If wet by oil, water or steam, Thermal and physical properties will be fully resorted after burn out or drying.


  • Normalising Annealing furnaces and glass lehrs.
  • Reformers & Ducts in petrochemical, fertiliser and Boiler Linings Industry
  • Fexible high temperature pipe insulation.
  • Low velocity HRSG and stack linings
  • Glass Furnace crown insulations
  • Trundish cover, Transfer cars in steel plants
  • Soaking pit seals and expansion joint
  • Kilns, klin cars for ceramic industry
  • Annealing cover bottom seals
  • Reusable insulation blankets for field stress relieving of welds
  • Removable Insulation blankets for steam and gas turbines and fire protection.
  • Insulation wrap on investment casting moulds
  • Furnace door seals, linings and gaskets
  • Temporary repair of refractory furnace linings and roofs
  • High temperature filter media / gaskets
  • High temperature sound absorption and Nuclear Insulation applications.

Availability (for all grades)

Density (kg/m3): 64, 96, 128
Thickness (mm): 6, 12, 20, 25, 50
Roll Dimension: 7620 mm x 610mm
Other sizes available on request

They conform to IS: 15402-03 & ASTM C 892-00

Ceramic Fibres Boards & Blocks

Ceramic Fibres Boards and Blocks are made from superspun Ceramic  Fibres by multi component organic / inorganic bonding process.

Ceramic Fibres Blocks and shapes are obtained by vacuum suction of a mixture of  Ceramica fibres with organic and mineral binders. These vacuum formed products can be moulded and cured into a wide variety of shape to have a smooth inside surface and a rougher outside, as demanded by the application.

Ceramic Fibres boards, blocks and shapes are self supporting with excellent stability at high temperatures, having high resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack. Ceramic Fibres boards, blocks and shapes can be rendered machinable to be sawed, drilled or machined, where required.

Density260 – 320, 720 kg/m3
Size915 x 600 mm & 1000 x 500mm
Thickness10-50 mm

Applications (Vacuum formed shapes)

  • Combustion chambers
  • Domestic boiler doors
  • Peep holes, pipe seals
  • Special furnace lining parts
  • Radiant element supports in vitroceramic hotplates (either electric resistance or halogen)

Applications (Boards and Blocks)

  • Linning of : Furance including electric furnaces: Flue and chimney of furnaces and Hot gas ducts: combusting chamber in heating boilers: Glass tank side, end walls, and port neck; Low and high temperature driers
  • Trough and distribution linings for conveying molten metal
  • Refractory backup for bricks and castables.
  • Pouring forms for non ferrous castings
  • High temperature baffles and muffles
  • Heat shield for personnel protection
  • Rigid high temperature gasket and seals
  • Expansions joints.

Ceramic Fibres Anchored Modules and Veneering Modules
Ceramic Fibres anchored modules are made from folds of Ceramic Fibres the – only superspun doubled-needed fibre in the country. The module is held in compression by removable strapping. Each module has an integral anchoring system – the result of continuous R & D and advanced designing. Fixing of the module to metals shell is achieved by welding specially designed studs, supplied integral with the module, resulting in efficient, fast, and error-free installation. Ceramic Fibres Modules are ideal for full thickness lining for new furnaces as well as conversion into fibre lining incase of old furnaces. They enhance the furnace life and performance.

Density: 128, 160kg/m3
Thickness: 100- 300mm for anchored and 50- 75mm for veneering.

Ceramic Fibres veneering Modules improve the thermal efficiency of old brick linings with minimum downtimes for repairs.


  • Reheating Furnaces
  • Bell Anneling Furnaces
  • Soaking pit seals and covers
  • Ladle preheaters
  • Chemical process heaters
  • Incinerators
  • Reformers, etc.

Specially Products
Ceramic Fibres cloth / tape is a high temp. specially fabric used for a variety of industrial applications. It contains 15 – 20% organics carrier fibre to facilitate the carding process, which may burn off at a lower temperature. This however does not change the mechanical features including strength. It exhibits excellent chemical stability, resisting attack from most corrosive agents. Available in standard thickness of 3mm. Other thickness available on request.

Cloth sizes: 3mm x 300mm / 1000mm x 10m
Tape sizes: 3mm x 50mm x 25mm

Ceramic Fibres Braids Ceramic Fibres braided rope is available with SS304/ss310 braiding Ceramic Fibres Paper is manufactured from high temperature. Ceramic fibre product containing 20-25% organic material to give it an extra ordinary pliability. If wet by water, Steam or oil, its thermal and physical properties are resorted up on drying.

Size1000mm x 500mm
Thickness1 to 6mm
Density240 kg/m3