AC Copper Pipe Insulation
Material- AccoFlex® W


Effective ac copper pipe insulation material for condensation / sweat control

Accoflex® W - Insulation you can trust on

Closed-cell thermal ac copper pipe insulation material with enhanced fire property. It is tough & flexible with a smooth and powdered inner surface for say installation on copper pipes used for Split air-conditioning systems and VRV and VRF cold applications as reliable ac pipe insulation.

Accoflex® W, the well-known brand in the Light, Commercial and retail market, has now been upgraded with Class 1 Fire Rating as per BS 476 Part 7. This latest product enhancement gives it a better fire safety coupled with robust thermal performance


Accoflex® W is a closed-cell thermal insulation material that now comes with enhanced fire property. The insulation is well-known in the light, a commercial and residential segment for its thermal properties and good energy-saving it provides. The closed-cell nature of this elastomeric foam insulation provides superior protection against moisture accumulation and unlike traditional insulation does not corrode on Copper pipes, making it ideal for insulating the mechanical piping systems.

Accoflex® W is available in a range of sheets and tubes which are easy to install on ducts or pipes. It is tough and flexible insulation that comes with the smooth powdered inner surface of tubes that enables easy sleeving on Copper pipes used for Split AC and VRV and VRF applications systems.

Technical Properties

Accoflex® W is tested for Class 1 fire classification as per BS 476 Part 7, for the surface spread of flame and offers better fire safety performance for commercial and residential building applications.

Accoflex® W has very good thermal properties including low thermal conductivity and low water vapor permeability. These thermal properties help in the prevention of condensation when installing properly and also saves energy over its lifetime.

Accoflex® W is now readily available with a wider product range across India

Key features

  • Class 1 fire classification according to BS 476 Part 7
  • Reliable condensation/sweat control
  • Easy to install
  • Tough & flexible insulation
  • Smooth powdered inner surface for easy installation
  • Non-Corrosive on Copper pipes

Product Application

  • VRV and VRF applications
  • Split Air Conditioning Systems
  • Plumbing Application
  • Ac copper Pipe insulation Application

Armacell also offers a variety of HVAC Products one of our pioneer products is ArmaFlex® Class 0 which has very low thermal conductivity and Class 0 Fire rating.

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